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Online & Campus Master's Digital Media Degrees

If you are thinking of broadening your expertise in animation and graphics, then a Masters in digital media is the best option for you. Masters digital media degree trains creative minds in technical and business skills to specialize in digital media. This degree is a suitable, portable and less time consuming track for those possessing a primary degree in digital media with little or no professional work experience.

Masters digital media degree offers courses in economics and management, information theories, writing for digital media, media branding, software development, research strategies, media law, market research, web systems design, digital communication, interactive media theories, media ethics, digital media technology, information theories and digital image processes. Through this degree, students enhance their artistic and scientific skills in communication, marketing, digital image processing, website writing and designing. It prepares students in managing advertising campaigns for publicizing and retailing products using digital media. Students maintain an online portfolio which contains all their achievements and work done during this degree. In this program students also design short tele-films, videos and commercials which give them the experience to work in real industries.

Masters degree helps individuals in building an exciting and rewarding career as a digital graphics artist, online database manager, advertising manager, digital imaging manager, marketing manager and computer programmer. Get yourself registered in one of the widely recognized institutions for online masters’ degree in digital media and live your dreams.

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Kent State University

- Master's - User Experience Design

Full Sail University - Online

- Media Design, Master of Fine Arts (Online)

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